There is Hope Radio is an outreach of Seattle Open Door Church and Fairhaven House a faith-based clean & sober housing ministry.

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There is Hope Radio is a talk show that shares biblical principles on how to deal with life issues through a relationship with Jesus Christ. We provide a message of hope to our listeners. We also have over 200 podcasts of the show at our Archives page.

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Merry Christmas button


Are you tired of the politically correct phrase of Happy Holidays instead of Merry Christmas every Christmas?

It is because of Jesus Christ that individuals are able to be set free from addictions.

Would you like to join with us to say Merry Christmas instead of happy holidays and also help support Fairhaven House/There is Hope Radio?

How about enclosing a Christmas Button with your Christmas card?

$1.50 each-Order Buttons
(Price Includes shipping)Merry Christmas button

Wear a button that says, It's okay to say Merry Christmas. When you purchase buttons the net profits will go towards helping individuals who are overcoming an addiction (Fairhaven House).


Your paypal receipt will say Seattle Open Door Church, the overseeing ministry of Fairhaven House.