There is Hope Radio is an outreach of Fairhaven House a faith-based clean & sober housing ministry. Fairhaven House is a 501C3 not-for-profit organization.

In the months of July and August we are giving as a gift the e-book Let Go - Let God by Dr. Jantz for a donation of any amount.

Make a donation of $20 and receive the Samaritan Card for free.

Make a $25 or more donation and receive Don't Marry the Dragon DVD, Let Go - Let God E-Book, and God Can Help You Heal CD for FREE, including shipping. You will not only be helping to support There is Hope Radio but receiving valuable resources for someone who has an addiction or other issues in their life and needs healing.

Don't Marry the DragonDon't Marry the Dragon Heroin Documentary DVD

Don't Marry the Dragon is a professional documentary DVD on heroin addiction. It is the story of Lawrence DuBois an ex drug dealer and heroin addict along with very helpful historical and medical information on heroin addiction. There are some graphic scenes in the DVD that are from real life. The destruction for heroin abuse is real. This DVD has been used by treatment centers, correction agencies, schools, and parents. If you, or someone you know someone is struggling with opiate addiction this DVD can be very helpful. This DVD is also helpful to share with someone who is considering heroin addiction.


Let Go - Let God: The Spiritual Path to Healing, E-Book
by Gregory L. Jantz, Ph.D. with Ann McMurray

God Can Help You Heal-CD
by Richard Dover

Let Go - Let God is an excellent e-book for those struggling to heal from traumatic events and situations – the loss of a loved one, the pain of divorce, the bondage of addiction, or the crushing weight of anxiety and stress. If the reader will apply the principles share in this book, they will experience emotional healing.

Some of the topics discussed in the book are:

  • Truth-The truth about you and about God
  • Acceptance-Learning to Let Go and Learning about grace
  • Forgiveness-Forgiving others and forgiving yourself
  • Gratitude-Obtaining a heart of thanfulness
  • Renewal-A willingness for change
  • Spiritual Intimacy-Becoming closer to God
  • Connections-Healthy relationships
  • Vision-There is Hope and a Future

God Can Help You Heal is an audio message by Richard Dover based upon the principles found in the Let Go - Let God E-Book. This is a powerful message that will challenge you to become the person God has for you to be.

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