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Forgiveness-Part One

Some of the information will be from the book Choosing Forgiveness John &Paula Sandford and Lee Bowman. Because we will be talking about Forgiveness, we will also be covering the topic of personal woundings.

The very first thing we want to say about forgiveness is that IT IS NOT EASY when there has been serious emotional, physical, or spiritual wounding. And yet we are commanded by God to forgive. We need the mercy and grace of God when we are talking about and considering forgiveness. As we look at God's Word on the principle of forgiveness, remember there is no condemnation in Jesus Christ.

Here is a good prayer to start out this nugget. It comes from Choosing Forgiveness:

Dear Lord,
Forgiveness isn't easy. I've made so many choices to forgive, and just about the time I think I've finally achieved forgiveness, something happens to upset me again. How long is it going to take?
You said I would have to walk in a moment-by-moment discipline of forgiveness before it could become a way of life for me. But I'm discouraged, especially when I don't see any real change in the people I'm forgiving.
Oh, oh! I'm sorry Lord. I'm rehearsing my negative feelings again. And forgiving others isn't supposed to change them. it changes me.
Soften my heart. Enable me to receive Your grace and healing in such a way that my heart's desire to extend Your quality of grace and love to others for their sake, not just mine.
And thanks for the reminder, Lord, that You have forgiven me again and again although I haven't done anything to deserve it.

Some of the concepts we will be discussing are:

  • Forgiveness is a necessity, not an option
  • Sowing and reaping-if we sow unforgiveness, we will receive unforgiveness
  • The lie of 'Just forgive and forget"-forgetting is not required for forgiveness to take place
  • Forgiveness is a choice we make-we must decide to forgive
  • Woundings and forgiveness
  • Our forgiveness is not to be based upon the offender's repentance
  • Steps to forgiveness

For some of you, these nuggets will be easy reading. For others, the topic of forgiveness will be very hard. For those of you that it will be easy reading, I would encourage you to take in this study, because life guarantees you that you will find forgiveness at some point very hard to offer. I pray that the Holy Spirit will help each of us to walk in the forgiveness that Jesus offers each of us all the time.

In our next nuggeet we will be talking about "Is Forgiveness and Option or a Necessity".

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