Christian Twelve Steps

STEP 12 - Having Been Spiritually Restored And Set Free From "The Sin Which Does So Easily Beset Us", We Attempt To Share This Freedom And The One Who Has Freed Us With Those Who Still Suffer, And Practice The Lord's Principles In All Our Affairs.
This is a tri-part Step with the second and third parts proceeding from the first. First is the spiritual restoration that we receive when we accept Jesus Christ into our lives thereby experiencing the rebirth of our spiritual nature and the coming into right relationships with God the Father. Secondly, God tells us "Freely we have received, freely we are to give" this is one of the principles that God gives us, "we can't keep what we don't give away". If having Jesus in our lives is the greatest thing that ever happened to us, nothing will be able to stop us from sharing Him with others. Then, finally, practicing the Lord's principles becomes an on-going, one day at a time, way of living in which we will continue to grow in the Lord and be "transformed from glory to glory".

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